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Cox Business Internet Plans

An Internet service built for business, with flexible plans that fit your business needs and dedicated support teams that make your productivity their priority.

up to 10 Mbps download

Good for

  • Small offices with 1-3 employees who require light internet access during work hours.
  • Security Suite 5 Licenses
  • Online Backup 5GB of Space

up to 25 Mbps download

Good for

  • 2-6 employees who access the internet using more than one device quite routinely throughout work hours.
  • Security Suite 25 Licenses
  • Online Backup 25GB of Space

up to 50 Mbps download

Good for

  • Connecting with multiple devices, exchange large files and interact with cloud applications.
  • Security Suite 25 Licenses
  • Online Backup 25GB of Space

up to 100 Mbps download

Good for

  • Businesses that exchange large files, have more robust local area networks and point of sale systems.
  • Security Suite 25 Licenses
  • Online Backup 25GB of Space

*Internet speeds may vary by market

Why Choose Cox Business Internet?

Speeds to help you succeed

You can choose speeds from 15 Mbps to up to 150 Mbps. Cox Business Internet plans come with the essentials to start and keep your business running with optimal productivity.

Cox Business Security Suite

Powered by McAfee, this security solution protects your data and computers from viruses and other Internet-related threats.

Online Backup

Powered by Mozy, this security solution will backup important business data on your computers and servers with automated restore capabilities to keep your business running without hassles.

Cox Business Internet Gateway

Give your business the advantage of WiFi that delivers more for you and your customers. Access your Cox Business Internet wirelessly inside your business walls with WiFi available today.

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Call Now and get a great deal!